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Herein lies Monsters

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An in progress ink work on paper — still needs a bit of color.

– Kittie Litter of the sea, another pen and ink illustration, for poster & tattoo design. Drawn in pen, colored in Photoshop

– More soon, final will be posted at

This is a detail closeup of one of my latest paintings, called The Suckling. 12″x36″ – Oil on Canvas. View Book of Gray for more.

Something a little different here. Ink wash scanned and then colored in PS

I’ve been busy. I like busy. (GOOD thing too, since GTA comes out tomorrow)

Happy Halloween


Halloween is my favorite time of year, I can watch all the horror movies I want, I can scare the crap out of people, I can eat candy and not feel like a total freak (like I do the rest of the time). In that spirit, last night I sat down and made this poster [...]

I’ve been working on a lot of new art lately. A couple of new paintings and really weird ink stuff. Here’s the latest painting that I’m working on right now.
Left most is rough blocking in and about 2 hours into the painting. The second image is about 5 hours — switched up to more techno, [...]