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I’ve been busy. I like busy. (GOOD thing too, since GTA comes out tomorrow) :)

…is this watch. Its message is a fitting way to bring in a new decade.



I find if funny that the wikipedia article for Pencil is about six times more in depth than the wikipedia article for Eraser.

t | e vodka is an ultra-premium vodka that is infused with unique, subtle, natural flavors which makes it remarkably rich in taste and sensational in its flexibility for imaginative drinks.

Each triple filtered bottle of vodka is handcrafted, hand-designed, hand-painted and distilled to perfection in our state of the art kitchen facility.

t | e vodka uses the highest quality of ingredients and comes in two breathtaking infusions of color and taste: The full richness of apple and cinnamon comes on strong, yet is delightful in it’s s remarkable complexity. Garlic, Chili and Lime (in the red bottle) is the same super ultra premium quality vodka product base with the addition of a potent zest of flavored pain. Its unique blend of spices reveals time-released complexity and is flexible enough for cocktails and for drinking straight. The refreshingly potent taste experience of both vodkas together represents a perfect blend of elegant tradition with contemporary and refreshing flavor sensations.

Finally: a handcrafted premium vodka infusion that’s a perfect blend of textures that makes drinking each vodka an experience to remember.


Yeah, the above press-release jargon is a joke, but GODDAMN those were some good vodkas. I hope ya’ll enjoyed ‘em.

More PIX:

I’ve tried to be more sensitive towards the line work this week, although Im using the same medium: pencil and white charcoal. First image is a ten minute pose (her head is too big) second image was from a 20 minute pose. To be honest the model from this week was lazy and the poses weren’t dynamic whatsoever, she basically napped the entire time — which made me concentrate more on naturalism i guess. This friday is the last drop in class before the new year.

I’ve never been good at drawing people. I went straight to stylization, and I know it; that’s why my character’s always look so freaky, amputees and stuff like that. So, I’ve been trying to get better by attending a friday evening class figure drawing class on the Berkeley campus. It’s an open class, just drop in, draw for three hours and be on your merry way. Works out well since there’s no commitment and you can come and go as you like.

Happy Halloween


Halloween is my favorite time of year, I can watch all the horror movies I want, I can scare the crap out of people, I can eat candy and not feel like a total freak (like I do the rest of the time). In that spirit, last night I sat down and made this poster style illustration.

I’ve been working on a lot of new art lately. A couple of new paintings and really weird ink stuff. Here’s the latest painting that I’m working on right now.

Left most is rough blocking in and about 2 hours into the painting. The second image is about 5 hours — switched up to more techno, electro stuff from metal. The final, right most image I took just now.. about 10 hours (???). Here’s where I get introspective with the Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Neurosis, nick Cave – Murder Ballads, so I don’t screw up the whole damn thing with over-zealousness.

Admittedly, these are not the best pictures to begin with, but also the painting is still wet, that’s why there are all those weird highlights. I suspect I’m about half way to a third done.